23 Mar '12, 11am

Thx @raducadariu & @notessensei for these tips, Notes 8.5.3 is fast again

You need enough RAM. Follow these steps (adopted from here ): Stop the Notes client Create a new directory: mkdir ~/notestemp Edit your notes.ini and add: view_rebuild_dir=/home/[yourid]/notestemp/ NOTES_TEMPDIR=/home/[yourid]/notestemp/ TempDir=/home/[yourid]/notestemp/ Edit the mounting table: sudo gedit /etc/fstab Add this line (one line, tab separated values): tmpfs /home/[yourid]/notestemp tmpfs defaults,noatime,mode=1777 0 and save the file Mount the new directory:sudo mount -a (a restart would do too) Start the Notes client Optional: Move more temp stuff to tmpfs (Don't forget: [yourid] stands for your login name, don't take it literally). As usual: YMMV.

Full article: http://www.wissel.net/blog/d6plinks/SHWL-87WNFL


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