21 Mar '11, 12am

Dr Huang Shoou Chyuan: I am a swing voter- try to convince me! "I am a beneficiary of the PAP rule."

When i mention Ministers' pay- the office bearers such as PM/SM/MM plus President are automatically included. There is no need for Ex-PM's to hang around as SM/MM. They should just leave the scene, write a book or maybe get a post at the UN and use their talents to help prevent war and poverty. I think token $1 is a little bit hard. We don't want them to starve but they should not be striking lottery every month at salary time and get the Big Sweep Prize every year-end. Why don't they know how upset all the people are about this? We should not just automatically vote for opposition or PAP. They must convince us that they are the better person ( or group in GRC) compared to the other party. If I have 3 wishes- 1. Reasonable Ministers' salaries 2.Abolish GRC 3. Independent Election Commission . If these are fulfilled- I will vote PAP. Of course the non-negotiables must remain!

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New Post: Earth Hour Singapore 2011

New Post: Earth Hour Singapore 2011

ladyironchef.com 19 Mar '11, 3am

A five-pronged waste management strategy has been implemented to reduce daily waste and contribute to a greener environmen...