21 Mar '12, 2pm

From miyagi.sg: From the White Horse's mouth #yousayisaywhoconfirm

From miyagi.sg: From the White Horse's mouth #yousayisaywhoconfirm

Losers of the “Make My Head Look Most Like A Water­melon” Con­test pose for a pic­ture in Shoal­wa­ter Bay, Queens­land, Octo­ber 2005 I was enlisted in Decem­ber 1988, just as the Army was chang­ing their com­bat hel­mets from heavy steel to high tech Dupont Kevlar, and apart from my dog tags that said I was aller­gic to peni­cillin and triple anti­gen vac­cines, my med­ical docket had this mys­te­ri­ous ink stamp that sim­ply said, “W.H.” Read more at yousayisaywhoconfirm.sg Tagged with: Army • National Service • white horse • yousayisaywhoconfirm

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white on white

white on white

fashiontoast.com 22 Mar '12, 9pm

Something I put together (fuller photo here ) with Refinery 29 for an event they did with Phillip Lim Tuesday night..I’m s...

CUTE.SEXY.LOVE. White and Mint stilettos #WhiteHeat.

CUTE.SEXY.LOVE. White and Mint stilettos #White...

kurtgeiger.com 22 Mar '12, 4pm

The below shoe sizes are given as a guide. In our experience a conversion for women's footwear between the UK and USA woul...

Nike Flight One White/Royal

Nike Flight One White/Royal

nicekicks.com 21 Mar '12, 2pm

endorsement and All-Star hysteria, the Nike Flight One surprised many by moving fast in the “Galaxy” and “Orlando” colorwa...

[NIGHTLIFE + ART] Check out Saturday Service: T...

is.asia-city.com 23 Mar '12, 8am

The crazy crew from UK's Crazy P will drop by for a quirky DJ set spanning house, disco and soul. Preceded by a local art ...