09 Mar '12, 4pm

From miyagi.sg: Who scared who?

That used to be the catch cry among some of my mates at uni. You could call it the Singlish ver­sion of “Who Dares Wins”, only it meant dar­ing each other to do really stu­pid things, like going up to a guy with a pony­tail in a club and yank­ing it and run­ning away. (Bonus point for get­ting the pony­tailed guy thrown out of the club because the bouncer thought he had fallen because he was drunk). Dif­fer­ent chal­lenges these days, and under a more decent sound­ing title: “I will if you will ”. Check out our friend Nadya’s call to arms:

Full article: http://miyagi.sg/2012/03/who-scared-who/


From miyagi.sg: The Best is in Days of Yore

miyagi.sg 02 Mar '12, 6am

Last night I attended the 126th ACS Founder’s Day Din­ner and had fun catch­ing up with my class­mates (Class of ’85), dis...