15 Mar '11, 4pm

By @miyagi - Cleaning up the birdshit

Sorry to learn about the demise of your mom. I lost my eldest sis­ter in 2006, and then my elder brother, in 2008. They were both very strong sib­lings who always held the fam­ily together. Their pass­ing left a huge void in me. And I now worry a lot about my mom (she has demen­tia and ail­ing health ever since she had a stroke). I have never viewed life quite the same way after the pass­ing of my sib­lings. I used to give my all to my job and my bosses. Now, I know all things can wait, and fam­ily time comes first. I spent more time at home now, just to keep my mom com­pany, and I am bet­ter at putting up with her repet­i­tive ques­tions and conversations. On some days, I still have the awk­ward rec­ol­lec­tion about the past and will be over­whelmed with some guilt, think­ing about the things I could have done for my sib­lings. But I guess we are lucky to still have sig­...

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