22 Feb '12, 12am

Hotmail Prevented Download of Malicious File #Technology

Hotmail Prevented Download of Malicious File #Technology

I have not had a virus infection in awhile, so I knew I was asking for it when I proceeded to download this somewhat peculiar email from FedEx that came with an attachment. Well, first up, I am covered with Norton 360, so I was pretty confident that they will back me up at that point. I was not however expecting that Hotmail, the host that I used to read my domain email ([email protected]) to be my first line of defence.

Full article: http://mhisham.org/2012/02/22/hotmail-prevented-download-...


File: SPEC

rack.rubyforge.org 29 Feb '12, 5pm

REQUEST_METHOD : The HTTP request method, such as "GET" or "POST". This cannot ever be an empty string, and so is always r...