10 Feb '12, 6am

My Birthday Wish - Raising Funds for TTSH Patient Care Centre:

Focus on technology, HIV/AIDS Awareness, Dementia and supporting several other social causes. Write mostly about the independent Arts scene in Singapore as well as the general works as organized by the various government bodies. Has a fascination with photography and indulge in a little mix of video editing. Very keen on living the social media experience without going over the top.

Full article: http://mhisham.org/2012/02/10/my-birthday-wish-raising-fu...


Why should I care about 1 Care? By Shamini Darshni

blog.limkitsiang.com 15 Feb '12, 8am

By Shamini Darshni | February 15, 2012 The Malaysian Insider FEB 15 — When the idea of a national health financing mechani...

What is Quora and Why Should You Care?

What is Quora and Why Should You Care?

searchenginejournal.com 12 Feb '12, 7pm

Quora . You might have seen the name being bantered about lately, especially if you have been anywhere near the Internet. ...