25 Jan '12, 5am

Latest: Gear65 #103 - Nikon V1 & Nikon J1

Today we take a look at Nikon’s entry into the Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera scene with their brand new 1 Series models: the V1 and the J1. Will Nikon’s camera convince you better than Sony, Panasonic, Samsung and Olympus? Why don’t you find out on this episode of Gear65.

Full article: http://www.tech65.org/2012/01/25/gear65-103-nikon-v1-niko...


Nikon Asia Image Guide #Photography

Nikon Asia Image Guide #Photography

mhisham.org 19 Jan '12, 3am

Available for free from Apple’s App Store in English and Traditional Chinese, the application provides photography lovers ...

Latest: Gear65 #104 - Prada Phone by LG 3.0

tech65.org 28 Jan '12, 5am

We take a look at Prada’s 3rd iteration of their own phone, this time powered by Android (their previous models used their...