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By @alvinologist - Yakitori Enmaru @ ION Orchard

By @alvinologist - Yakitori Enmaru @ ION Orchard

Commencing on his culinary journey at a tender age of 20 years old at the prestigious Muteki Chain’s Kushi Bar in Hiroshima, Chef Yoshiharu Inoue was personally trained and mentored by Hideki Takahashi, Former Chairman of the prestigious Izakaya Koshien and Masterchef and Director of the Muteki Chain of Restaurants. It was under the appenticeship at this yakitori establishment did Chef Inoue first learned the art of grilling meat. His devotion to the art of Yakitori and innate talent saw him quickly rose through the ranks and eventually moved on to become Executive Chef at the award-winning fish Izakaya restaurant, Muteki, which specializes in sushi and sashimi. Under his helm, Muteki even clinched third as an Izakaya Koshien in Hiroshima.

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Orchard Road invaded by Minahs.

Orchard Road invaded by Minahs.

channelnewsasia.com 16 Jan '12, 3pm

SINGAPORE: Since Channel NewsAsia's report last month about mynahs being a public nuisance, viewers have given feedback th...