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hahahaha >> typical millionaire in Singapore .. "is probably an Indonesian…" | via @veriyanta

Following its World Wealth Report 2007 released in June (see my post Lots of Millionaires ), Capgemini and Merrill Lynch have recently released more details on the typical millionaire in Singapore. In their Asia Pacific Wealth Report 2007 , they repeated the old information: Singapore has 67,000 High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) Singapore has the fastest growing HNWI population at a rate of 21.2% … and provided new information: With a combined wealth of US$320 billion, these rich individuals have an average net worth of US$4.9 million, higher than the global average of US$3.9 million and the Asia-Pacific average of US$3.3 million. An interesting finding is that “the Indonesian population residing in Singapore comprised a significant share of the local HNWI population and wealth.” The report went on to estimate that in 2006 “approximately 19,000 HNWIs of Indonesian origin r...

Full article: http://www.salary.sg/2007/typical-millionaire/


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