06 Mar '11, 1am

(new Japanese shinkansen train!)

is grabbing all the attention for high speed rail for the right and wrong reasons, JR East's new E5 Shinkansen made its debut yesterday. (the Chinese rail sector is troubled by some shuffling to its top management. Even that guy who appeared on Discovery Channel is under investigation now. ) From the start they are clear that the E5 (which sounds like a mobile phone model) with a top speed of 300km/h cannot match the CRH's speed. Rather, they put attention on the seating, especially the Gran Class cabin with airliner first class seatings. At first I thought the green finishing makes it look kind of uncool, but maybe the uncool is the new cool. In fact the green exterior and the long nose makes it look very duck-ish or platypus-like.

Full article: http://www.chillycraps.com/2011/03/shinkansen-e5-debut.html