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New blog post: IKEA recalls ANTILOP children chair

New blog post: IKEA recalls ANTILOP children chair

IKEA is recalling its popular ANTILOP high chair due to fall hazard. The children chair’s belt buckle can open unexpectedly when in use, creating a fall hazard. So far, there has been eight reports, including three resulting in minor injury when a child fell from the chair. According to IKEA, only ANTILOP high chairs from supplier #17389 with production dates 0607-0911 (YYMM) are affected. The supplier number and production date are moulded into the underside of the seat. Customers with the affected ANTILOP chairs can contact IKEA Customer Service at 6786 6868 or visit the Exchange and Returns Counter for a free replacement belt. Related posts: Nokia recalling 14m charger Happy Inside – IKEA cats advert Volkswagen: My Dream Seat Shine for Singapore did not copy Japan Children’s Foundation advertisement Mission Accomplished

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IKEA recalls ANTILOP children's high chair belt

IKEA recalls ANTILOP children's high chair belt

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