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Some Singapore-style Motivational Tweets for 2012

Some Singapore-style Motivational Tweets for 2012 1. Your pay is the same but you will work an extra day in 2012. 2. You may think you are drowning in a flood of despair, but PUB wants you to know it's only a pond of inconvenience. 3. The Mayan end-of-the-world will probably happen just after you receive your 13th month bonus but before you can spend it. 4. Embrace your hopes and dreams as firmly as cable ties hold our SMRT subway train power claws. 5. Just because you failed many times doesn't mean you need to quit. Especially if you're the SMRT CEO. 6. You can score 60.14% at the exam and still get 81 out of 87 of the scholarship places. 7. When you need get somewhere fast, find Comfort in a fare hike. View the entire comment thread.

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Happy 2012 from Hawaii! Thank you for reading my blog this year and here’s to the start of another one!

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HP Usher in 2012 in Style #Press_Releases

HP Usher in 2012 in Style #Press_Releases

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Public Holidays 2012 Singapore via @sgcgo

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I've been places.. I ate good food.. I had many many first-times happened this year. I still have the good and nice friend...

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Here's to a smashing and promising 2012!

Here's to a smashing and promising 2012!

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I hope that this coming year will be better all around; filled with happiness, love, peace and riches. I hope for no more ...

Sous Style

Sous Style

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I think I just found my new favourite site, ever! Created by the photo director at Elle, Pippa Lord features all sorts of ...

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Charge a minimum of $288* to any Citibank Credit or Debit Card at any Mandarin Gallery store and receive a $20 shopping vo...