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  • @beatricesays

    Beatrice Tan 17 May '11, 4am

    This time, I have surpassed the legal age of 21 year old, and its time to vote. I did read and watch rallies done by both sides, and to be frank, I am quite in a dilemma on who should I vote. A highly discussed topic is of course, the novel appearance of the two youngest candidates fo...

  • Lady, gentermen, welcome to Malaysia! 17 May '11, 12am

    Lady, gentermen, welcome to Malaysia! Everyday Life 7 the mrbrown show: the yam song (music video) I am now a walking/cycling video camera the mrbrown show: the yam song I can haz Chen Show Meow! Welcome to New Tanjong Pagar GRC! This photo needs a caption CNNGo column: On polling nig...

  • Let the Materials Design Itself 17 May '11, 2am

    We value your comments as they provide different perspectives that we can learn from and/or improve our products as we see this blog as a platform for interaction and exchange with our friends. However, whilst we welcome constructive criticism, we do not tolerate offensive and disresp...

    1. Rethinking the Hairdryer 17 May '11, 2am
  • Why people should not hate Tin Pei Ling.... 17 May '11, 2am

    @ Amused I think that using monetary compensation as a means of attracting candidates is in itself a two edged sword. The PAP assumes via such strategies that scholars and high-fliers are in their positions for the sake of money and achievements, which is largely a very very Singapore...

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides will be out in Cinemas on 19th May 2011

    Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 17 May '11, 3am

    I was amongst the lucky few that caught the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides at the Gala Premiere last night. And you know what? I am planning to watch it again this weekend! Crazy? Oh yes. But the Pirates of the Caribbean is definitely a show worth catching over and over a...

  • Giving back to society, I become a deliveryman (of sorts).

    Giving back to society, I become a deliveryman (of sorts). 17 May '11, 3pm

    In conjunction with Radio’s 75th Anniversary, MediaCorp presents Radio Gives Back . This is an initiative which sees our radio stations adopting 75 families for a year. With the help of our sponsors and community partners, we pay for groceries, arrange for utility and transport rebate...

  • By @keropokman - FairPrice Finest: Cooking Workshop at ToTT Store.

    FairPrice Finest: Cooking Workshop at ToTT Store.

    Where do you all purchase your groceries? I do my grocery shopping at all the different supermarkets / hypermarkets in Singapore. Depending on what's on specials, or where I know only certain stores carries certain specialty goods, I go to different stores. I do most of my groceries a...

  • books fresheners 17 May '11, 8am

    Campaigns like these are what I live for in my industry. Anyone has any idea which brilliant agency did this?

  • ipad dry erase board: A whiteboard for all your iPad product designs built on a 1 to 1 scale with 20 pixel gr...

    ipad dry erase board 17 May '11, 8am

    By Pat Law • May 17th, 2011 • Category: The Geek A whiteboard for all your iPad product designs built on a 1 to 1 scale with 20 pixel grid. All we need now is for a WIFI connection to a printer. Available at USD24.95 including: • Two dry erase markers with eraser cap- one black, one r...

  • @dweam has done another FOTD again! Ready, Steady, Glo!

    Face of the Day: Ready, Steady, Glo! 17 May '11, 2am

    The main difference, however, between the previous beach makeup look and this one was the fact that mineral make up was used and no primers were harmed called upon in this shoot. Glominerals mineral make up did a fantastic job of providing flawless yet natural coverage the entire dura...

  • Progressing… 17 May '11, 3pm

    Life’s changing and there are much to prepare mentally. How we set the foundation is essential and very very important. Foundation if not done well, consequences can be devastating. We’ve seen the good and the worst. We know we just have to do it right and all will be well.

  • Rethinking the Hairdryer #design

    Rethinking the Hairdryer 17 May '11, 2am

    As part of my survey, I visited many hairdressers and I was able to observe that they use the hairdryer for approximately 4.5 hours a day but that this was not very well adapted. They taught me that this object has to be smaller, lighter, wireless, that they often use the same nozzle,...

  • Revisting the James Gomez fiasco in 2006

    Many netizens are infuriated that the authorities have blatantly refused to investigate PAP MP for Marine Parade GRC Tin Pei Ling for flouting election laws on ‘Cooling off’ day. The Election Department conveniently asked the complainants to lodge a police report while it had earlier ...

  • A Fashionistas’s Confession > J, 19 (1.6m/UK4)

    A Fashionistas’s Confession > J, 19 (1.6m/UK4) 17 May '11, 7am

    Dear J, for your confession, you are entitled to a SGD1.50 discount applicable on your next purchase at! Simply forward our reply email to you (which will be affixed with the link of this confession) along with the payment for your next purchase to qualify! Thank yo...

    1. s i x p e g s 20 May '11, 5am
  • How do you order your subway?

    Subtractway 17 May '11, 12pm

    Sunday, May 15, 2011 Subtractway -o-" ♥ Blogged at 3:50 PM 0 comments: Post a Comment Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom)

  • Civilization World 17 May '11, 7am

    Civilization World is an unique new way to play Sid Meier’s Civilization on Facebook. Try imagine Farmville with Civilization. Currently in closed Alpha. Not sure when will it be released. Stalk their Facebook page for more updates.