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  • New post! DIY Post: Collared Chain nec New DIY tutorial!! ----✂---- Check out how we make this Collared chain necklace.

    Singapore Fashion Blog: DIY Tutorial Miu miu Collared chain necklace 15 Apr '11, 10am

    We’ve attached the chains to a separate holder(?) instead of sewing it all directly onto the collar, it makes everything neater. You can make it as understated or as dramatic as you like. We’ve decided to go over the top and added waterfall chains to the collar.

  • New Post: The Plain Melbourne Cafe

    The Plain Cafe Craig Road 15 Apr '11, 3am

    I asked the owner the rationale for this and he explained that most cafes in Melbourne operate this way. Most importantly, he wants The Plain to be a place where you feel the familiarity of having dinner at a friend’s house. Whilst I think it is very admirable to charge based on a sys...

  • Another fake social media campaign in Singapore (thanks @daphnemaia!)

    Yet Another Fake Social Media Campaign 15 Apr '11, 8am

    However much money was paid to the agency, it’s pretty much gone down the toilet. Not only is no one interested in their message now, but if they are ever revealed, negativity will follow both organisations from time to come.

  • Gisele Bundchen for H&M Spring 2011 (via @dweam)

    Gisele Bundchen for H&M Spring 2011 15 Apr '11, 3am

    Styled by Robert Rydberg and photographed by Daniel Jackson, the photos are the epitome of a saccharine Spring. Full of soft, flowy fabrics printed with florals, these fresh and flirty fabrics are perfect for our humid weather. Get here in Singapore already H&M!

  • 10 Things To Do In Hong Kong 15 Apr '11, 1am

    I will without hesitation second that Tim Ho Wan’s dim sims are definitely worth the wait… and despite what others say on my average wait has only been around 20-30 minutes max during my 7-8 trips there! The price is more than decently affordable, dim sims are mostly exec...

  • Tell it to your partner tonight - "We don't need to take care of our defence."

    Majorly Generally Sexy! 15 Apr '11, 6am

    New PAP candidate, former Chief of Army, Major-General Chan Chun Seng was heard on the news saying, "It is always very sexy to say that we don't need to take care of our defence." Tonight I shall tell the wife, "Honey, We don't need to take care of our defence!". See if she finds it S...

  • HK2: Lau Sum Kee Noodles 劉森記麺家 15 Apr '11, 5am

    Photo: Me with Ian Wright, travel host for Discovery Travel & Living. You know how we love to take travel photos? I think good food deserves to be recorded and remembered too - travel for your tastebuds! That's why I started this food blog with the philosophy "every meal an adventure!...

  • 范范范玮琪-你也太「范尼」了吧?!

    范范-你也太「范尼」了吧?! 15 Apr '11, 5pm

    这个星期五还真是难忘。白天两则好消息,让我微笑许久。晚上见到文福大哥,他说他每天都听「933就是万人迷」。为人师表,应该不会说谎吧?哈哈哈。谢谢。 傍晚还还发生一件事。真是不可思议。 上海东方广播电台的DJ丁丁下午发来短信⋯⋯ 我一口就答应了。因为之前做过这类的越洋连线,我知道找人上节目很困难,所以我有时间的话,一定奉陪。 导播在7点20分来电确认一切OK,并告知主持人是丁丁和「麦子」 。我还没来得及问连线的实质内容,她就挂了。 7点38分,她又来电。Standby。好的。 歌曲播完,主持人先讲话,然后我就以最灿烂的方式打招呼: “丁丁、麦子,你们好!上海的朋友,...

  • the power of words 15 Apr '11, 3am

    #931| The temperature just got a whole lot cooler. #WCI 2011 | jemmawei on 06 | free blankanvas sticker Verity James on vintage brushed metal locker CamelBak Insulated 0.75-Liter Bottle Sleeve,Berry | My Blog on turncoat ipad sleeve Pat Law on table for one, please Pat Law on ganbatte...

  • [Blogged!] 香港 Hong Kong Trip with BFFs: Day 4: It's finally the last day of our Hong Kong trip! As much as we h...

    香港 Hong Kong Trip with BFFs: Day 4

    This is when we finally realised something. We always wondered why the cafes/restaurants in HK would provide us hot water after we sat down. I was thinking maybe it's for us to drink. UNTIL the last day, they provide us with 2 FLASK OF HOT WATER . Then we realised - The hot water was ...

  • 15 Apr 15 Apr '11, 3am

    ‘PAP is not Singapore, PAP renewal is not Singapore renewal, and Parliament is not a feedback channel - My Little Corner: Why the focus on economy growth? - Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Returning to the past - SpotlightOnSingapore: Lim Hwee Hua stopped by heckler: PAP losing touch?...

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  • Tenshi Cafe at eCurve, The First Authentic Japanese Maid or Meido Cafe in Malaysia:

    Tenshi Cafe at eCurve, The First Authentic Japanese Maid or Meido Cafe in Malaysia | Food Point of Interest 15 Apr '11, 7am

    Do you ever dream of walking in a restaurant and getting served like a Master of the house or like a princess? This is quite a hit back in year 2000 when this trend called Maid Cafe started in Akihabara, Japan. In Japanese these are referred to as “Maido” or “Meido” cafe. When a custo...

  • #sgfoodreview TGIFridays

    Timeless Facade - Everything is a facade, only good food is a reality: TGIFridays 15 Apr '11, 2pm

    I ordered this with much excitement as I'm just a sucker for anything with macaroni and cheese in the same line. I was secretly hoping that it would turn out like the mind blowing mac and cheese from The White Rabbit, even though that wasn't fried. Alas, it wasn't (duh!). But I still ...