18 Feb '11, 4am

I’m never gonna give you up.

I’m never gonna give you up.

I woke up this morning and knew that there was something special about 18 Feb. Birthday? Whose? Anniversary? Deadline? What was it?! It really took me a while to recall. And when I finally did, I just had to do a dedication on air. I said the following song was for my lover whose name begins with R . It wasn’t Rebecca or Rachel, I hinted. A listener guessed Rihanna, while my friend pretended to gasp, “Oh my, you are coming out of the closet, aren’t you? Is it Ricky, Ronald or Richard?” Hahahaha. Shut up. My lover is RADIO. A little cheesy, I know. Eewww. Hey RADIO, I’m never gonna give you up! I turned full time and launched my very first weekday show 青春鸟王 on 18 Feb 2002. It’s now 365 days away from a major milestone. Maybe we should do something big on 18 Feb 2012.

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New on ::WOOHOO:: I'll have to quit Coke. Unles...

cruzteng.com 16 Feb '11, 2pm

I’ll have to quit Coke. Unless they give me an endorsement contract soon.