31 Oct '11, 6pm

Apple’s Inconsistent Aesthetic

Still fewer have a chuckle when they see the new Address Book app on Mac OS X Lion, or the even more recent Find My Friends iPhone app. These apps, and many more besides, all stem from a completely different, and I would say opposite aesthetic sensibility than the plain devices they run on. [snip] They are an expression of purest kitsch, sentimentality, and ornamentation for its own sake. In Milan Kundera’s brilliant defintion, kitsch is “the absolute denial of shit”. These are Disney-like apps, sinister in their mendacity. The newly popular word for this type of design is “skeuomorphism”. Strictly speaking it means retaining design features from earlier designs when those features previously had a specific reason for being that way, but do not any longer. A good example would be iPad synthesizer apps that include “knobs” that you can “turn”, or “cables” that you can “plug...

Full article: http://www.designsojourn.com/apples-inconsistent-aesthetic/


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