30 Oct '11, 10am

What is the ISO 22222:2005?

Currently, clients who wish to engage the services of a financial planner often face the following problems: With so many financial planners to choose from, how can clients know who to trust? How should clients compare the different schemes offered by financial planners? How can clients be assured that the financial planner actually follow the best industry practice? The ISO 22222:2005 was drawn up to address the above problems. The international standard has been drawn up with the objective of achieving and promoting a globally accepted benchmark for financial planners. Previously, there was no internationally acceptable benchmark. Difference between academic and practice What is the difference between CFP® , ChFC® and ISO 22222:2005? This is actually a question on the differences between academic and practice. CFP® and ChFC® are exam-based professional designations. Howe...

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