13 Feb '11, 2am

EduPunk: Do you fight for your right to ed-u-cate? | theory.isthereason

Although when I talk about my experience and quote the piece from Wikipedia where it says ‘rock and roll by people who didn’t have very much skills as musicians but still felt the need to express themselves through music”, I do not in any way want to represent those identified as edupunk as those without skills. In fact, D’Arcy, Jim, Stephen, Brian, some of those individuals represented here are the mostly highly skilled and intelligent people that I have ever met. I feel it is more in the types of skills such people possess, and the courage that they possess that allows them to put their “stuff” out there, sometimes polished and sometimes very raw, that captures this DIY piece very well.

Full article: http://theory.isthereason.com/?p=2254


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