12 Feb '11, 3am

missing s#hanghai lots... esp brunch at Peace Hotel... #lp #travel

missing s#hanghai lots... esp brunch at Peace Hotel...  #lp #travel

I love old cities. Especially one of China’s finest. Shanghai is a darling. In contrast to the regal, emperor’s seat up north , Shanghai is like a elegant, luxurious dining room filled with glamorous capitalist and cultural powerhouse. Yes Shanghai may not have as much depth as the political and cultural center of the nation, but it’s not all soulless. It took me just a few days to get a routine going in Shanghai. We had brunch at Shanghai’s most iconic hotel, the Fairmont Peace Hotel on the Bund almost every single day. If you are into history and architecture, you will enjoy this article all about this iconic hotel . “Peace Hotel came to symbolize Shanghai’s Pearl of the Orient heyday in the 1920s and 1930s. Back then, China’s finest hotel was known as the “ultimate venue for life’s pleasures” and hosted scores of celebrity guests, including Charlie Chaplin and Noel Cowa...

Full article: http://eevon.sg/2011/02/11/away-in-shanghai/