26 Oct '11, 12pm

Nan Lian Garden

Nan Lian Garden

Today is Deepavali. We will never forget last year’s Deepavali when we started our trip stuck behind four and half hours of traffic jam crawling from Singapore to Malaysia. I put my bladder to the ultimate test. Since then, we have not driven to Malaysia. According to local news, earlier this year, when Malaysia Customs first rolled out the fingerprint verification system, the traffic jam had extended to eight hours. The only time I could hold my pee that long is when I am having a very good sleep. I cringe thinking about such scenario. This year’s Deepavali, Cynthia and I are in Hong Kong. If you have not visited Nan Lian Garden, you ought to pay it a visit. The nearest MTR station is Diamond Hill. The garden is filled with rare plantations and fossil stones imported from, I presume, China. Today was my second visit. Inside a souvenir shop that I must have missed in my fi...

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Botantic Garden in Singapore

Botantic Garden in Singapore

ahgirlplussize.com 21 Oct '11, 7pm

I know you guys must be thinking "Yeah we know about botanic garden, nothing much over there~" But on Oct 8 2011 there a m...

[Daily Blog Reads] Public Garden - Hi everyone! I'm so excited right now cause I'm going to be setting up a shop at

[Daily Blog Reads] Public Garden - Hi everyone!...

sarahs-loft.com 22 Oct '11, 3pm

Hi everyone! I’m so excited right now cause I’m going to be setting up a shop at the Public Garden Flea Market! Other vend...

New 'Healing Garden' in Singapore

New 'Healing Garden' in Singapore

channelnewsasia.com 21 Oct '11, 5am

SINGAPORE: Singapore Botanic Gardens has launched 'Healing Garden', the largest garden in Singapore showcasing a collectio...

The Garden of Green | Legal Buds

internationaloddities.com 15 Oct '11, 9am

The Garden of Green up close and personal. The medical marijuana shown in this garden is being grown 100% organically

Spring Garden KLCC 荔苑酒家: OktoberFest Food & Beer Pairing

Spring Garden KLCC 荔苑酒家: OktoberFest Food & Bee...

tianchad.com 24 Oct '11, 1am

The Crispy Squid is actually the squid floss that you always eat but this time it is deep fried to give the crunchiness. T...

Flora Fauna @ Singapore Botanic Garden

Flora Fauna @ Singapore Botanic Garden

tianchad.com 19 Oct '11, 4pm

Picked a photo collage with some photos taken at Singapore Botanic Garden . They have an awesome Orchid Garden and tons of...