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New blog post: Happy 10th Birthday, iPod

New blog post: Happy 10th Birthday, iPod

iPod is 10 years old today. Happy Birthday! The iPod was announced on 23 October 2011 at a rented auditorium near Apple’s Cupertino campus. The first iPod used a 5GB Toshiba hard drive, can store up to 1000 songs and has a battery life of 10 hours. It uses Firewire and is only supported on Mac. The first iPod wasn’t a huge success. It cost $399 and does not have Windows support. It took Apple almost 1 1/2 years to sell 1 million iPods. But they managed to sell their 2nd million 6 months later. By end of 2004, Apple had sold 10 million iPod. And the rest is history….. Related posts: Happy Birthday iPod Not all Happy Birthday songs are meant for Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Everyone! Happy Birthday

Full article: http://blog.dk.sg/2011/10/23/happy-10th-birthday-ipod/


news: Happy birthday to the iPod

news: Happy birthday to the iPod

bigmouthmedia.com 24 Oct '11, 10am

Home | Insights | Industry news 24 October 2011 | Author: R Wood Media Intern Happy birthday to the iPod Ten years ago - o...

BLOG : Happy Deepavali & Happy Holidays to all!

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I'm from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Currently working as Creative Head-Digital @ iCRM. I like photography, vectors... basical...

Abang is 10th on 23rd!

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October 23rd, 2011 by RedMummy What s new on him sejak masuk umur 10taun nih…huii mulut bukan main lagi skang nih, very th...

10 reasons to celebrate the iPod's 10th anniversary #Singapore

10 reasons to celebrate the iPod's 10th anniver...

sg.news.yahoo.com 24 Oct '11, 7am

The ill-fated iPod mini in its garish metallic colours lasted just two years and two models. It was soon replaced with the...

Halloween Happy Pack Sale 2011

Halloween Happy Pack Sale 2011

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. Come and check out this sale happening on this Saturday and Sunday at

How I spent my birthday

How I spent my birthday

beatricetan.com 28 Oct '11, 9am

It was my first birthday spent with hurhur, and i was asked to keep the eve and actual day free for a surprise. Exciting, ...

birthday dinner~

birthday dinner~

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had my belated birthday treat from my aunt at Rakuichi at town (: its one of those restaurant that serves authentic Japane...

Happy Halloween

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Exclusive Handmade Jewellery. (Janth Avenue is a Singapore registered business since 2007)

happy halloween!

happy halloween!

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SGFLEAMARKET - happy halloween! Recent Entries Members Archive User Info Links Community rules Mod Posts FAQ Irresponsible...

Happy birthday, Mus: “Happy birthday, Mus”, is what I would say if I were to call him at this moment, instead o...

Happy birthday, Mus: “Happy birthday, Mus”, is ...

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The first batch of Royal Malaysian Navy officers who earned their dolphins from Royal Australian Navy He was called to be ...

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

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The weekend was crazy fun!! Women's Fashion Week 2011, Halloween with the gang, moving into the new home (FINALLY!!), etc....

Happy Deepavali

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Happy Deepavali Chee Soon Juan awarded LI Prize for Freedom Egalitarianism not just a fanciful idea Fundraiser: The Blue M...

My Happiest Moment via @agentcikay

My Happiest Moment via @agentcikay

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The things that used to make me smile when I was a kid, have changed a lot, especially now that I am an adult. Somehow, we...

The Halia Restaurant - 10th Anniversary Sparkling

misstamchiak.com 21 Oct '11, 3am

After an alluring decade at the Botanic Gardens, The Halia Restaurant has rejuvenated itself with a new look, menu and cul...

LVoe Tweets Happy Trip, Aris!!!: Despite having LV travel pieces, every Filipino needs a Balikbayan box when th...

LVoe Tweets Happy Trip, Aris!!!: Despite having...

I created this blog for the sole purpose of sharing my passion and obsession for the brand that is Louis Vuitton . I am in...