19 Oct '11, 3am


Chen Show Mao's maiden parliamentary speech “政者正也, 子帅以正,孰敢不正”,“为政以德,譬如北辰,居其所而众星拱之”,“风行草偃” "其实孔子三千年前就已说过,“君子和而不同”。和谐,可却不尽相同。晏婴说过:乐团只演奏一个音符,谁听得下去?白开水上再加白开水,谁喝得下去?一个和谐的社会,不只有一种声音。而是每个人很和平的在法律的範围内发表他的看法,从事政治活动。我们不必防民如防贼。 CSM's maiden parliamentary speeches in English and Mandarin are a polite yet obvious 下马威. This man is guai lan. He quotes former 'esteemed' PAP Minister George Yeo and delivers a separate speech in cheem Mandarin. I wonder how many of the Chinese PAP people sitting in that house really understood what CSM had said, especially those who like to pretend that they are 'bi-cultural' amidst their angmohpai "I can't even write 新-加-坡" colleagues. LOL!! It's basically a show of middle finger. NAH! I'm better than you! 就是比你强! Finally, our foreign talent policy pays off... IN PARLIAMENT!! LOL! Oh...The irony!! This is entertaining, no doubt about that. But at this point...

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