17 Oct '11, 4pm

New blog post: Namecard holder

Feeling a bit moody over the weekend because I lost my namecard holder last Friday evening. I think I lost it on the cab on my way home. I’m not a careless person. I seldom lose my stuff when I’m outside. I always have an habit of checking before leaving the table or getting off a cab. Which makes me wonder how did I actually lose it. Maybe cause I was carrying too many stuff home that night. Or maybe I drank a bit too much. Or maybe I’m just tired. Whatever it is, its gone now. I tried calling the Taxi company to see if they have my namecard holder at their lost and found department. I even have the taxi number since I got a receipt. The operator put me on hold for more than 10 minutes and the line got disconnected before she could tell me if they have my namecard holder. Personally, I don’t know why they need to put me on hold for so long. I’ve already given them the tax...

Full article: http://blog.dk.sg/2011/10/17/namecard-holder/


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