16 Oct '11, 9am

New blog post: Air Swimmer Shark and Clownfish

This is like the coolest remote control toy I’ve ever seen. The Air Swimmer Shark and Air Swimmer Clownfish . It’s basically a helium balloon with infra-red remote control. The tail controls the direction of the air swimmer while a weight at the bottom of the air swimmer controls the height. Check out the instructional video to find out how it works. The Air Swimmer is 144.78cm long and 91.44 cm tall. It runs on 4 AAA Battery (1 on the Air Swimmer and 3 on the remote control). The only problem with this is that you need to fill it up with helium and refill every now and then. Besides using it to scare kids, I think it’s a very good for attracting attention in a crowd. Maybe hang a banner below it and fly it around a shopping mall. Haha.

Full article: http://blog.dk.sg/2011/10/16/air-swimmer-shark-and-clownf...


  1. 22 Nov '11, 2am

    You are able to purchase flying fish from www.lilybeary.com


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New post: Read about my hot air ballooning adve...

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