13 Oct '11, 2am

New blog post: Adobe sneak preview deblurring feature on Photoshop

Adobe recently demoed an early version of deblurring/unblurring feature which can turn blurry image into a clearer image. The feature works for texts too. Works for text too. The feature is tentatively called “restore sharp image”. Check out the video. We are not sure when they will ship this feature. But get ready to say goodbye to those blurry pictures. By the way, isn’t it an irony that the video which shows the deblurring feature is actually quite blur? Haha.

Full article: http://blog.dk.sg/2011/10/13/adobe-sneak-preview-deblurri...




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COMING TO YOU SOON! THURSDAY, 13TH OCTOBER 2011, 8PM Mailers to be sent on Wednesday afternoon, do check back for previews...

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Adobe “Sneak Peek” Videos

blog.dk.sg 19 Oct '11, 2am

Remember the deblurring feature on Photoshop? That video was recorded by one of the audience at the recent MAX conference ...



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COMING YOUR WAY SOON! TUESDAY 25TH OCTOBER 2011, 8PM Questions here: http://formspring.me/lilypirates

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Special feature: Passions at The Pavilions, Phuket

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