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Why We Lomo: Liss Winnel:

Why We Lomo: Liss Winnel:

Liss Winnel , Melbourne, Australia Favorite Lomo Cameras: The Diana Series, I have two Diana F+ (original and a white one) and the Diana Mini. Favorite effect produced by Lomo cameras: The random light effects, I love the unpredictability and occasional strange colours that come through from leaked light. Also just started playing around with double exposures they’re alot of fun! Favorite film to use: At the moment I’ve been using the Lomography Color Negative, 35mm 400 ASA. I’m still experimenting with different films. Favorite photos taken with a Lomo camera How long have you been doing Lomography? Officially only 2 months but I’ve been interested in Lomography for about 1.5 years now. How you started with Lomography? I lost interest in DSLR photography and was using my Polaroid camera a lot, I enjoyed the candid nature of Polaroid and was looking for another creative fi...

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