Is it tIme for Ignoramus, Blatant Liar to Defend his Integrity Again?

If Tony Tan had realised the quagmire he is in now, would he have put up his name for this Presidential Election? The revelation of the whiter-than-white-12-year-disruption (AWOL?) of his son Patrick's National Service has brought contempt and cynicism to his integrity. The accusation of him being responsible for the losses in GIC is painful. The boos and heckle he received at the nomination centre [Link ] for what he represents cannot be music to his ears. Being called an 'Ignoramous', worse still, a 'Blatant Liar' by Dr Lim must give him sleepless nights. Should he sue Dr Lim, I'm sure judges in court will be losing sleep too. No decent judge with a conscience (and wants to keep his job) would like to adjudicate this case!

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