FeedMetoFish : Ridiculous Untruths? #sgelections #sgpresident

Before I "lead more people astray" with my ranting I wonder if they speak with fork tongue when they accuse bloggers of spreading "Ridiculous Untruths"? As far as I'm concerned, I write to get it off my chest [see About Me on the right;)] to release my mental tension so that I remain sane and ease my bodily tension to prevent another heart attack. Talking cock or sing song, I just enjoy cocking a snook at the elites especially those who think that they are so fookingly pristine just because they wear white. People trust you when you do what you say and say what you do. No need to wear White!

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Don't Feed Your Dead Skin to Fish!

Don't Feed Your Dead Skin to Fish!

hollyjean.sg 01 Sep '11, 3am

Product Review YUCK! It totally grosses me out when I see people sitting at spas with their feet in communal tanks full of...