25 Apr '13, 7pm

Would you shower in an egg? #eggshower #futuristic

As a proto type It leaves much to be desired. For reference purposes, standard FINISHED Door height is 80 (eighty) inches. In the first photo it looks as if it falls short of that mark in relation to the two sliding doors (if they are doors), but certainly in relation to the door way in the background. Photographers must have seen this because all the other props in the room are low to the ground, Yes, in order to make it look taller. I might fit in there, but I am average height. I certainly would not be able to afford the shower let alone the giant bathroom or the house it would fit in as I am also at an average income level. And the squeeze getting in might injure me, but the getting out definately would (treacherous!). Evidently the market is aimed at very young, fabulously wealthy, gymnasts! Small indeed. Looks good on paper though (or on a monitor)!

Full article: http://www.yankodesign.com/2010/01/28/egg-shower/


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Scoble Takes A Shower With Google Glass

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