16 Jan '11, 1am

Arrival at Dhaka, Bangledesh

Arrival at Dhaka, Bangledesh - http://bit.ly/hXWH6q 13 mins ago Please check my blog daily for the next week or so for updates on our Dhaka Operation Smile mission! http://www.sheylara.com 5 hrs ago First night in Dhaka! I will have like 2 hours of sleep cos I need to blog before sleeping and tomorrow starts early. 5 hrs ago After getting an iPad, I actually look forward to and relish flights and wish my flights could be longer, lol. 14 hrs ago

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sheylara.com 17 Jan '11, 1am

Exhausted! Just got back from first day of Operation Smile mission. Everyone worked about 9-10 hours. But I can't rest. Go...