31 Jul '11, 9am

Here's my N.E.mation entry! Help me spellcheck and coherent-check please!

But on a slightly serious note, I feel that the N.E.mation! ambassador should embody the essence of creativity. Art and design is what I live and breathe. Having done various stop-motion animation before, I can’t wait to see what the talented contestants will be creating! And to be able to witness what goes on behind-the-scenes will be such an experience. Can’t wait to share the creativity, joy and excitement with all the people!

Full article: http://jayleif.com/2011/07/31/n-e-mation-6-ambassador/


[Blog] My new hair colour by @millysmillys!

[Blog] My new hair colour by @millysmillys!

nadnut.com 28 Jul '11, 7am

I dyed it again! Milly’s kindly offered to dye my hair at her new salon! I decided to dye it reddish brown, didn’t want to...