03 Sep '18, 2am

@TitaniaMcGrath I have appropriated your poem and posted it online in text form

, spiritual successor to the late Godrey Elfwick: Cultural Appropriation Thief of culture. You slither hamstyle with dreadlocked hands, Clenching in a calypso chokehold of bindi banditry, Tongued by an ego semi-fried in foreign oils, Withdrawing into striptease fissures of night. You will never be Aswad. Plunderbeast of history. My ancestors scream in your hollow wigwam, Ghostrolling in the ectoplasm of your hate. I staunch the flow of simpering tribal sauce, A digital sombrero clings deafblind To a face falsely smeared in a coalish hue. Filcher of rice. Parades at promtime in a fraudulent frock, A gurning juggernaut of stunted envy, Appropriating my soul, my gaylord shoes. The death-minstrel who leaps backwards onwardly Rinsing away the past with your piss of lies.

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