31 Jul '18, 5am

When someone says “Old Chang Kee?” I always answer “Yes, I’m here! https://t.co/HL38lcC95J

Old Chang Kee Coffee House @ Rex is the famed curry puff’s flagship outlet. Step lively, into the throwback 1950s here. Thick plastic floral tablecloths, enamel plates and kong-kongs (tin mugs) and assorted memorabilia from your grandmother’s days (if you’re a millennial and she was a rabid collector who refused to let anything go to the karang-gunny man).

Full article: https://www.superadrianme.com/food-and-beverage/old-chang...


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After watching a Red-bellied Woodpecker’s failed attempts to balance on a feeder, Laurie Ellen Angus got to thinking about...