25 Jun '18, 12am

Three IT positions available at Optimum Solutions for suitable jobless PMETs.

IT positions at Optimum Solutions for suitable jobless PMETs Jobseeker conned into interviews for financial consultant position 30-year-old jobless millennial depressed after sending out 800 job applications without success Advice from 60-year-old dad to jobless PMETs: “Life is full of struggle and if you make a wrong turn, don’t despair, there is still hope.” 20 Things I’ve Learned From Traveling Around the World for Three Years Indian national working for 6 years on EP checking on PR requirements Indian IT boss willing to hire 20 Singaporean IT personnel PMET jobless for three years and reaching out for assistance Why our jobless PMETs are reluctant to work abroad? Comment: Is renting better than having a huge HDB mortgage loan saddled round your neck?

Full article: http://www.transitioning.org/2018/06/25/it-positions-at-o...


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highsnobiety.com 03 Jul '18, 1am

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