03 Jun '18, 11am

Long-running Channel 5 show Tanglin going on break, fans sad & confused

There’s so much to verbalize, but I ain’t gonna do that just yet because I know I’m going to keep posting photos & videos of this lovely family of mine over time. ▫️ Alot to reminisce, too many people to thank & true when they say, all good things come to an end. Words can’t carry enough the weight of this significance that #TanglinCh5 has in my heart. It saved me from my depression (true story) & it gave me wonderful people to lean on; people I trusted enough to see me at my lowest & even celebrated with me at my best. ▫️ From here on, officially, #TanglinTakesABreak; away from everyone, yet still very much close at heart. ❤️

Full article: https://mothership.sg/2018/06/tanglin-going-on-break-end/


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The Air Jordan 5 Paris Is Going To Be Limited

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via @postcarbon

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