30 Mar '18, 3pm

Green Delights Westgate is halal certified, and the internet lynch mob got it wrong

While social media and the internet can certainly be used to hold people accountable for gross and evil actions, it can also damage someone and their business with false accusations. This is what happened to Green Delights Westgate. According to reports , her business was greatly affected when people accused her of selling pork in her dishes even when she was certified as halal. mrbrown, Singapore’s fatherblogger, called for support for Green Delights stall, after netizens mistakenly called the business out simply because the halal sign was next to the adjacent stall’s advertisement for pork belly rice. According to reports, Green Delights’ business had slowed, with its owner, Madam Sakina Abdullah, 67, noting that they were affected because of the photos that spread through social media, accusing their stall of selling pork dishes.

Full article: https://alvinology.com/2018/03/30/green-delights-westgate...


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