28 Feb '18, 7am

Police stop S$50 cash #3dollarballer vending machine at Raffles Place

The Singapore police has put a stop to the cash vending machine at Raffles Place. The publicity marketing stunt involves a box that pays out S$50 when S$3 is put in. The machine consists of a man inside a box giving out the S$50 note whenever someone feeds S$3 in. The hashtag for the stunt is called #3dollarballer and the events are listed on its website . It is unclear what the product or service is but more details will be out by March 1. Advertisement Help la… the queue for the free $50 pic.twitter.com/QVRPSKVORy — Kimuii (@literallykimi) February 28, 2018 the 3 dollar baller over at raffles place could have been done better. Instead of earning 50 bucks, me and my boyf are earning blueblacks because of the pushes and people toppling over us — princessbunny

Full article: https://mothership.sg/2018/02/3dollarballer-3-dollar/


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