21 Jan '18, 11pm

"I Repurchased M1 Again!" via TheFinance.sg

2 posts ago, I asked readers to choose a counter, that I bought recently, to review. Many commented on CWX Global Limited, which I believe I had already explained quite significantly in that particular post. Therefore, I was reluctant to write about it. Luckily, someone else commented on M1 Limited (aka M1) and so here we go… If you remembered, I wrote about selling all of M1 and keeping ComfortDelGro Corporation Limited (aka Comfort) in September 2017. As of today, I have sold all of Comfort and have repurchased M1. Within a 2 year period, I made some money on M1 but will have also made losses on Comfort. You must have thought why am I doing this – Selling Comfort when Uberflash has been launched, and when they have already established contact with Uber. The main reason was that I do not like Comfort’s deal with Uber – such …

Full article: http://thefinance.sg/2018/01/21/i-repurchased-m1-again/