31 Dec '17, 3pm

Goodbye 2017

Goodbye 2017

It was a rough start of the year, the terrible twos were full on and Ry regression was game strong when Travis came into the picture. There were a lot of ongoing crying, shouting and fighting that turned the entire household upside down. It was chaos after chaos, also we weren’t exactly parenting our child the right way too, punishment seems like the only way that had gotten through our minds. 
When we learnt that we were going over the edge, we seek professional help. It was a long and tough journey but things are taking shape now, Ry is now heading towards the ‘Fantastic 4’ (hopefully, cross-fingers!!!) since we changed our parenting strategy. 
Now she is pleasant to be with, frowning less and smiling more, and most of the time, she loves her didi!

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