28 Dec '17, 3pm

憎いあいつにすこすこ砲を打ち込め! #すこすこ砲 【iPhone⇒】 https://t.co/Wztod9P9Bh  【android⇒】 https://t.co/u29TvvVDO8

UPDATE: Keith recently opened an Etsy store where you can purchase his wood work! Last evening Shady and I went down to the 2nd Buffalo Tweetup , partly because we were meeting a new twitter / developer friend there, Joseph Hsu . Organized at the Pearl Street Grill & Brewery, I got to meet Keith Burtis at the Tweetup again, who lets me know how far he’s gone with his woodturning art. Apparently he’s become quite a microcelebrity, with his blog , twitter and live shows of his woodturning sessions. He would often give out his work to viewers, which was in line with his mantra of being without attachment in life. I told him how he’s adopted a Buddhist thinking, where one finds contentment from within, not external source (at least that’s what I know). If you’re wondering what woodturning is, according to Wikipedia (aka our alpha version of the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy...

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