Jasmine Dung
07 Dec '17, 3pm

The best budget hotels in Sabah cater to not only the people tight on budgets but also the ones’ looking forward to luxury.

The best budget hotels in Sabah cater to not only the people tight on budgets but also the ones’ looking forward to luxury. These hotels cater to back packers from all over the world. Featuring a wide range to styles and facilities, equipped with the most modern amenities the interiors of the guest rooms here will surely put some of the luxury hotels to shame. The rates are complete value for money and the quality of service is not compromised at all. Located strategically in the centre of the town these budget hotels are in close vicinity of National Park, Beaches and Wild life sanctuaries.

So when you are planning to save on your accommodation. Just take a step further by saving more on your travel expenses. As these hotels are located in the prime vicinity of Sabah, plenty of buses ply on these routes. This makes it even easier to travel to and from the hotel.

It is a well-known fact that Malaysia has some of the best road networks compared to the rest of the world. The roads here have been strategically planned and made to reach every corner of the city. In stark contrast to the monorail here, the roads here provide true point-to-point connectivity to the most important landmarks. Locals have always preferred buses to cabs for this very reason. Apart from this, the fares of buses are fixed and do not change depending on the hour of the day. The buses are always on time and have real time tracking systems so that you are not left waiting at the bus stop either. You do not have to carry cash or change thanks to this website redbus.my, which lets you book tickets and pay for them online so you just need to get out of your hotel, board a bus and zip through the city. They also have some exciting discounts to offer!

Grandis Hotel

This hotel has been fondly named after the endemic orchid, which is popularly found on Mount Kilabalu. The orchids have small and pale pink flowers and grow about 14 inches tall. It is one of the most popular hotels for doing business and the conference rooms here are equipped with the most modern technology.  The people catering to you in this hotel are warm and welcoming and you will most definitely not feel that you are in a budget hotel. The rooms are colourful, vibrant and fully air-conditioned with bathrooms of their own.

Avangio Hotel Kota Kina Balu

This hotel is situated in a metro city in the heart of Kolombong Industrial estate. It is located just 10 minutes away from the City Centre and commuting here is a breeze – thanks to the on timely bus services that ply here.  The hotel features 103 rooms and suites. The decor of these guest rooms are modern and chic. You will feel a gush of positivity the moment you enter these rooms – thanks to the use of vibrant colours. The hotel is equipped with all basic amenities like bathtubs, tea and coffee vending machines and small refrigerators that are full of surprises.