• SRXIO vs Bitcoin

    steemit.com 15 Aug '18, 4am

    By now, most of the world has heard of Bitcoin. Created in 2009, it has recently made waves, gaining mass adoption and becoming a highly lucrative investment vehicle. If you bought 10 Bitcoin in December 2009, it would have been worth over $200,000 USD in December 2017. If you had pur...

  • 5 Reasons Why In-Game Currencies Are a Waste of Money

    steemit.com 03 Aug '18, 6pm

    Over 47% of the 2.2 billion active gamers around the world, spend their cash buying in-game currencies and assets, generating close to $100 billion in game revenues in a year. These assets and currencies are highly valuable for online gamers, for varying reasons. Apart from helping th...

  • Tradelize Will Keep Your Crypto Assets Safe

    steemit.com 26 Jul '18, 2pm

    Last year’s breakout of crypto-currency markets saw its supporters triumph and its detractors get slammed. But there is one thing bulls and bears agree on: the crypto market is volatile. During December 2017’s altcoin boom, it seemed every crypto twitter user and youtuber was a genius...

  • World Bit Bank:It's A Bank for the Global Crypto Communtiy!

    steemit.com 17 Jul '18, 1pm

    Token Wibcoin (WBB) is based on Ethereum (ERC-20), therefore, like any other crypto currency, it will be traded on the exchange. In total, World Bit Bank plans to issue 1 billion Wibcoin tokens. At the time of the Pre-ICO, the development team plans to raise funds for all the initial ...

  • Everything You Need To Know About Monarch Token!

    steemit.com 01 Jul '18, 2pm

    Everything You Need To Know About Monarch Token! Monarch will simplify the crypto trading experience for all users. Instead of having several exchanges, wallets, and softwares, the Monarch Application will offer the following features: Secure storage of multiple cryptocurrencies Acces...

  • Using #Cryptocurrency to Double Down on #Blockchain technology: $MNX @minexcoin

    My Testament To Blockchain Tech Using Cryptocurrencies, Day #8 of 300

    steemit.com 14 Mar '18, 4pm

    Today is the 8th day update from the 'The Great MNX Park' series, a 9-month fun experiment/testament to my belief that blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies will survive to 2020 . In order to have 'skin in the game,' I will park a fraction of the MinexCoin (MNX) every single day until ...

  • BITCOIN (BTC) morning update, The bears still munching

    BITCOIN (BTC) morning update, The bears still munching

    steemit.com 24 Feb '18, 5pm

    Good Morning! I woke up this morning to find out Bitcoin is down to $11,300 from $12200 hight yesterday, it seems that we still fighting the bears with this healthy correction. BUT how much will BTC correct? And for how long? Today BTC probably will be swinging from lower $10900 up to...



    steemit.com 02 Jan '18, 5pm

    I dipped out on this coin with a overall profit with the New Years Wraith Deadline that seemed silly & unprofessional. I don't care what the Elliot Waves say on this one, but good luck to those still in it & respect to Haejin on his take. I ultimately do think this coin is going up, b...