30 Nov '12, 10am

Via @Cynthialatifah: durian pancake + tofu pudding mango at honeymoon dessert yummeeehhh. ƪ(ˆړˆ)ƪ

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Full article: http://pics.lockerz.com/s/265318305


Via @dithaditha: Durian pancake di Honeymoon Dessert

Via @dithaditha: Durian pancake di Honeymoon De...

pics.lockerz.com 27 Nov '12, 5am

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Via @iin_dokterhewan: Eehhemm.. Pancake durian ...

twitter.yfrog.com 22 Nov '12, 1pm

iin_dokterhewan 1 hour 27 mins ago Twitter Eehhemm.. Pancake durian Honeymoon Desert @Kuliner_Bandung

Durian Goreng @duriangorengkry

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