26 Jun '16, 9am

Durian Mukbang -Vegan drama, POWSIMIAN And Ethical Vegetarians

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Full article: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsFlhxKg2cc&feature=youtu.be


Durian Rider Banana Split | Vegan Challenge

youtube.com 25 Jun '16, 3pm

This is not to hate on Durian Rider. Its just for fun :) The recipe is not meant to be made. Its a joke :)

#Drama Khas Raya MAKBUL, SEKERDIL DOA Mengusik Jiwa

#Drama Khas Raya MAKBUL, SEKERDIL DOA Mengusik ...

budiey.com 26 Jun '16, 4am

Disiarkan khas kesinambungan kepada drama bersiri bertajuk “Makbul, Sebuah Cerita Tentang Doa” yang pernah menemui penonto...