20 Jun '16, 10am

Grand Mufti Declares Durian HARAM

Grand Mufti Declares Durian HARAM

The Grand Mufti Al Tair Ibn La Ahad from the International Islamic School of the Leap of Faith upon hearing of the disturbance in the Ummah, called for an emergency meeting with the Muftis to discuss this shameful act carried out by Muslims in Singapore, where he said, “All of this bickering over a stupid fruit? I worry for the deen of these Malay Muslims where they squabble over not being able to eat a fruit during the holy month of Ramadan when they’re supposed to overcome temptation, Yallah they’re making the Ummah look bad! I heard it’s not even a good fruit and it stinks to high Jannah. My fellow Muftis, I think it is time we passed a fatwa declaring the durian to be haram for Muslims as are alcohol and pork. All in favour put your hand to your face.”

Full article: http://www.muftinews.com/grand-mufti-declares-durian-haram/



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