30 Aug '12, 1pm

Gangerti, aku bkn batak kak Boha aroa :D Lalap durian ¬_¬ (σ‾▿‾)-σ Nih!

Boha aroa :D RT @RickyFebriand: Lalap durian ¬_¬ (σ‾▿‾)-σ RT @Rhhoii: Nih! Punya w segede durian :D RT @ophazmo: @ohohtama @rhhoii ayoo bandingin gedean mana sama upil gue!

Full article: http://m.tmi.me/wf7JW


Launched! :D :D :D

Launched! :D :D :D

thestagewalk.livejournal.com 05 Sep '12, 12pm

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@kushlett here! :D

@kushlett here! :D

amberavenue.com 01 Sep '12, 1pm

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Enak banget kak.. :D :9 :D Honeymoon dessert - Pancake Durian nom nom nom!!:9

Enak banget kak.. :D :9 :D Honeymoon dessert - ...

yfrog.com 02 Sep '12, 1pm

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Pesta durian :D

pics.lockerz.com 07 Sep '12, 4pm

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My 2 favorite fruits durian & mangis wauw :D

pics.lockerz.com 29 Aug '12, 12pm

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We'd launched! :) Shop now! :D

We'd launched! :) Shop now! :D

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