19 Apr '15, 5am

spazzkid氏がネット各所で"High School Mellow"を紹介してくれているの、非常に嬉しいです!Thank you! @spazzkid

spazzkid Hi I'm Mark ♡ლ(-༗‿༗-)ლ♡ . soundcloud bandcamp merch shows instagram facebook twitter ask .. RSS feed Archive Random April 15, 2015 durian-pop : Mixtape from Japanese netlabel Ano(t)raks . Unlike the electronic and EDM-heavy mediascape of netlabels, Ano(t)raks’ sound tends to lean towards city pop, bossa nova, and 80′s synthpop. // fb // soundcloud // bandcamp Comments blog comments powered by Disqus 1 of 1 Themed by: Hunson modified by Spazzkid

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