06 Aug '14, 4pm

Durian night w/ my beloved nurse at Mangga Besar. #delicious

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Happenstance: Day/Night

Happenstance: Day/Night

nlb.gov.sg 06 Aug '14, 2pm

The old man sits on the edge of the narrow bed, palms spread out on his knees, head down, staring at the floor. He has no ...

Tips Memilih Durian

Tips Memilih Durian

vemale.com 07 Aug '14, 7am

- Jika Anda termasuk penggemar berat buah yang satu ini, dapat dipastikan saat musim durian tiba, maka Anda bakal memboron...

Latest Post: Deonatulle Soft Stone W, one of Japan's best-selling deodorants of all times - via @ratzillacosme

Latest Post: Deonatulle Soft Stone W, one of Ja...

ratzillacosme.com 06 Aug '14, 2am

Deonatulle Soft Stone W is a natural Japanese antiperspirant deodorant stick with a longlasting dry protection. The antipe...

Night Festival round 2!

substation.org 05 Aug '14, 2pm

Try and spot one of four performers making their way through the festival grounds and interacting with the crowd in amusin...

Memulung Durian Runtuh Sibolangit

Memulung Durian Runtuh Sibolangit

nationalgeographic.co.id 07 Aug '14, 2pm

Pasta Sembiring menuntun langkah kami petang itu. Redup hari menjelang magrib kian pekat saat kami memasuki kebun bertajuk...

@c_s_green @SaraLibby won't help w attackers bu...

latimes.tumblr.com 12 Aug '14, 8pm

, a man with a shopping cart full of diapers runs past a burning market on 3rd Street.