21 Aug '17, 6pm

What it's like to intern at Echo, starring @henlo____durian

What it's like to intern at Echo, starring @henlo____durian

In early June I flew to London for an internship at a startup in which I knew no one and in a city I'd never been to before. Ten weeks later, I feel more confident in my programming skills than I ever have after any course at Duke University. I am immensely lucky to have chosen to work at Echo this summer, because it's been my favourite internship yet. I applied to Echo because I wanted to work at a startup in London. I spent my previous summer at GitHub as a software development intern and was ready to try something very different from San Francisco’s often overbearing tech culture while getting my first chance to work at an early stage company. I wanted to do meaningful work that felt like it had a positive impact on other people's lives. Echo fulfilled all of these wishes. Still, it felt at first like a major risk to choose a startup in a country I had never been in bef...

Full article: https://www.echo.co.uk/blog/what-its-like-to-intern-at-echo


DHARNI | The Human Echo Legend

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